How/where to make a subcutaneous injection

Choice of the injection site

For most adults, regardless of age, the BMI 1, the gender or the ethnicity, the thickness of the skin (epidermis and dermis) is relatively constant and varies on average from 1.9 to 2.4mm.

The thickness of subcutaneous tissue shows a greater variation according to gender, body region and the BMI.


Absorption speed:

Recommendations when injecting yourself:

The abdomen, thighs and buttocks are the recommended injection sites for adults.
However, to avoid IM2 injections (painful) while taking into account the ease of the gesture to be performed:

  1. The thigh: watch out for athletes, in the absence of fat, the thigh should be avoided because the muscle is close to the skin.
  2. The buttock is not a preferred area because of the difficulty in reaching this area and the relatively slow absorption of the product.
  3. The arm: not always easy to reach with one hand (half doses).
  4. The abdomen is the area with the most consistent rate of absorption and is the easiest to access when we are dressed.

Tip :

Whatever region you choose, to be sure to avoid MI, pinch the skin away from the muscle:


  • 1. Body Mass Index
  • 2. Intra Muscular