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For the first application, the authorisation of the medical advisor shall be subject to a detailed report attached by a neurologist, neurosurgeon or neuropsychiatrist.

  • with the diagnosis of "cluster headache" and
  • a justification for starting oxygen therapy because of the patient's clinical situation.

There is no standard form for claiming a rebate. If the request is made by the family doctor, the latter must attach the specialist's report.

The authorisation shall be valid for an unlimited period of time.

The patient must also have a monthly prescription with the following information:

  • gaseous oxygen in ICD1 prescribed as required, with specific accessories adapted to a high flow rate
  • dosage (in litres per minute)
  • where applicable, the oxygen humidifier

It is the PUBLIC pharmacies that deal with oxygen in the case of the Cluster Headache , in contrast to so-called "long-term" oxygen therapies, for which it is the hospital pharmacies that are in charge.

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  • 1. International Common Denomination